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calendar 2023

think of gifts for 2023 and create a personal photo calendar with thirteen motifs. calendar in very small editions including photoshoot from 79.00 euros


glass: body

we are planning the first edition of glas: körper. that is why we are looking for interesting women and men who like to be photographed as nudes. interested in participating as an amateur model?

if so, you should be between 18 and 50 years old, a well-groomed exterior, charisma and self-confidence, not shy about the camera and have fun doing it.

experience is not necessary! it is important that you have an uncomplicated, positive approach to your body and to the nudity.

we finance the project out of our own pocket and work free of charge. therefore it is not possible for us to pay a fee for your model activity. as a small reward you will receive your photos digitally, which you can then use for your own purposes. if we have piqued your interest, write to us by email at


bavarian guys (buam)

we are looking for 'bavarian guys (buam)' models for our exhibition to complement the existing pictures.

if you are interested in being photographed, simply send an email to

unfortunately we cannot offer money, but of course there are all photos taken for free use on cd. in addition, we closed a model release with each model to briefly regulate the collaboration.



gladly take over photo orders of any kind, just an email with your ideas to


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