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can you hire oz-4 all over Germany?
yes, photo locations that are further away are always attractive and a real challenge!


where does the photo shoot take place?
basically a photo shoot can take place anywhere. we know many beautiful and exceptional locations and can be used anywhere, anywhere.


i'm unfotogenic ...
we hear that from many, but we disagree. every person is photogenic in their own way. please don't be too critical of yourself.


how old do I have to be for a photo shoot?
there is basically no age limit for a photo shoot. however, since we take the protection of minors very seriously, we only take photos of children and adolescents up to the age of 18 with a written consent from at least one parent.


what should i take to a photo shoot?
please bring various outfits, shoes and accessories to the shooting. we then look together to find out what suits you best. for nude photos it is also advisable to bring a bathrobe or dressing gown.


can I bring an accompanying person to the photo shoot?
of course you can bring an accompanying person to a photo shoot.


can i bring my pet to the photo shoot?
yes, this is also possible. please only let us know in advance by phone that we can prepare for it. if you wish, we will of course be happy to photograph you with your pet.


how long does a photo shoot take?
how long a photo shoot lasts depends entirely on your wishes and the local conditions where you are shooting. usually a photo shoot with us takes between one and three hours.


how many pictures are taken during a photo shoot?
we cannot give you a specific number. on average we take between 50 and 200 photos per hour.


can I already look at the pictures during the photo shoot?
of course we show you the pictures directly with our camera or a separate laptop, unprocessed, but of course possible as a preview.


can I get professional makeup and hairstyling?
we are not make-up artists or stylists.


do the photos I include contain a watermark or logo?
unlike usual photographers, you get all photos in full resolution without watermark or logo.


can i post my pictures on social networks?
yes, all photos contain a private right of use for your own presentation. however, commercial use and resale of the images is excluded.


will I put photos online?
only the pictures, of course, whose consent we have.

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